Gutter Polishing - Triangle Home Detailing
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Gutter Polishing

Ever wonder what causes those ugly black streaks on the outside of gutters and why they are so hard to remove? Those streaks, referred to as “tiger stripes”, are actually caused by a chemical reaction that occurs between the asphalt from roof shingles and the aluminum in the gutters.


The black streaks are not simply stains, and therefore cannot be removed with traditional house wash chemicals that remove mold and mildew. Most contractors use various forms of butyl-based degreasers. While butyl-based products can work, it is also easy for contractors to accidentally take the paint off gutters while removing the black streaks. These products are also dangerous for workers to use, and can cause serious chemical burns if the touch skin.


At Triangle Home Detailing, we use a citrus based product which contains d’limonene as the cleaning agent. D’limonene is produced from the skins of citrus plants like lemons and oranges, and is safe to use with minimal protective gear.

Cleaning Cutters