Leaf and Debris Removal - Triangle Home Detailing
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Leaf & Debris Removal

Cleaning up leaves and debris from your lawn is an annual chore, but with the help of our trained professionals, you can streamline the process. Removing leaves from your lawn and landscaping enhances the curb appeal of your property and prevents potential lawn damage that can occur when leaves and pine needles begin to rot.


You may opt to have your leaves and debris removed on a regular basis, or once per year after all the leaves have fallen from your trees. Depending on the type and amount of trees on your property, you may need leaf and debris removal throughout the year.


For deciduous trees, like oak and maple, we recommend that you clean up leaves and debris once at the end of October, once around Thanksgiving, and once after the New Year when the last of your leaves have fallen. For coniferous trees, like pines, we recommend regular debris removal throughout the year for the best results.