Staining/Painting Decks and Fences - Triangle Home Detailing
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Staining/Painting Decks & Fences

When considering if your deck or fence are in need of professional maintenance, you will first want to inspect the surface of the structure, as well as the steps and handrails, for signs of stress like broken or rotting boards, curling, cracking, loose areas, and discoloration or graying of the wood. The main factors that cause wear and tear on your fence or deck are the afternoon sun, pets, and children. If you notice any of the issues mentioned, you will want to contact the experienced technicians at Triangle Home Detailing for help. We are able to replace rotten boards, punch nails, tighten screws, clean and brighten faded wood, and stain/seal deck and fence surfaces.


Wood slowly turns gray as it ages and becomes damaged from sun exposure and mold growth. Our oxygen and citrus based cleaners clean and brighten the wood, while removing dirt and killing mold growth. Additionally, we suggest staining and sealing these surfaces to lengthen the life of the wood. Painting these surfaces allows moisture to creep into the wood causing wood rot and paint chipping.